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Qhobo ready to protect ABC constitution

ABC youth at a rally

Sept. 20, 2018 2 min read

2 min read

The All Basotho Convention (ABC) Youth Chairperson, at the Abia Constituency (37), Mr Keketso Qhobo says the ABC Youth are ready to go to war against anyone in the party who is aiming at bringing disrepute upon the ABC. Qhobo says this following a lot of squabbles and misunderstandings that took place during the ABC rally in Quthing last weekend. The ABC leader and the Prime Minister, Dr. Motsoahae Thabane was attacked and stopped from delivering his speech by the section of people including youth during the said rally.

Talking to Maseru Metro Newspaper on Tuesday, Qhobo said that the bone of contention was that the group of people who call themselves ‘The Uncaptured’ wanted the former Minister of Tourism , Environment and Culture ,Mr. Motlohi Maliehe to continue with his duties as the ABC Rallies Chairperson. That they needed regardless of his suspension from the party. “We are ready to strike from this constituency against these people who want to destroy our party. ABC has a clear constitution, and I plea with the members to dread carefully. We will not tolerate people who don’t want to understand the constitution. “There is a group of people who call themselves ‘The Uncaptured’. Their aim is to bad mouth the government, especially the ABC. We will not allow that. Mr. Maliehe is on suspension and he had no jurisdiction to chair the rally in Quthing.

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The only thing these people need is to track the party in the unnecessary disrepute. They want this party destroyed. However, I am happy that their mischievous act lasted only for five minutes. We were successful into bringing them to order”, Qhobo said. He further said that Basotho should be aware that ABC has no problems at all, but the problem is the people who want to have it led their own way. Qhobo urges the ABC members and supporters to take their time out to read the party’s constitution clearly in order to avoid the squabbles of this nature.

“The ABC’s constitution is clear on everything. I plead with the ABC members and supporters to read the constitution with the aim of understanding it. We have to know it because it’s the backbone of this party. There would not be any quarrels in Quthing if people in that conference had the understanding of the ABC constitution. Mr. Maliehe is on suspension and he had no right to chair the rally. I found it funny that the ‘Uncaptured’ wanted him to go on chairing the rally. However, we don’t mind going to war against these people who are aiming to destroy our party. We will have to stop that as we managed to do in Quthing. I am happy for the ABC supporters, especially youth for the protection they offered to our leader, Tom Thabane,” Qhobo concluded.

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