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Screening of ‘The Mirror’ a resounding success

Sept. 13, 2018 2 min read

2 min read

MASERU - After much anticipation and intense logistical arrangements, the day of reckoning finally came and past for Mohale Media and Tripod Productions’ launch of their most recent work, The Mirror/Reflections of Life.

The 1st September at the Mojalefa Lephole Victory Hall became a jovial red carpet affair as Matseliso Mohale aka ‘Tseli’ launched her motion picture body of work that highlights issues of women abuse and gender in equalities. The movie lived up to expectation when the screening finally happened. Though the night started very slow, just as it’s a norm in Lesotho, the host venue finally filled to capacity and the entertainment also lived up to audiences’ expectations. Talking to a group of friends in attendance after the screening, they explained that, “It is good that we came to see the screening of this kind of movie, produced by one of our own”.

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“This movie addresses issues that are pertinent to our daily lives in our relationships, especially now that most of our women are abused by their partners. I mean partners are supposed to be the ones protecting those they love and it is unfortunate that our fellow men tend to be the ones abusing and subsequently killing their women. It is time that our fellow brothers stop the brutal abuse and killing of women because women have a right to be,” said Thabo Sello. After a successful launch event Tseli explained that she was grateful for all those who supported the launch of ‘The Mirror’.

“I take special opportunity to unreservedly thank these government ministries and companies in the country who supported the launch of The Mirror: Ministry of Gender, Youth, Sports and Recreation, Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture, Ministry of Communication, Science, and Technology, Ministry of Local Government and Chieftainship, ECONET, GALITOS, HLAZVILLE FOREX, LESOTHO FUNERAL SERVICES, METROPOLITAN, SHOESHOE GARDENS, LIMKOKWING UNIVERSITY, SELATILE M CONSULTING ENGINEERS”, Tseli explained.

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