Sept. 3, 2021


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Students warned of risky foreign exchange programmes

Students warned of risky foreign exchange programmes

CEO of CHE, , Dr Litšabako Ntoi

Story highlights

  • The programme promotes human trafficking
  • Council appeals to students to always be vigilant

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THE Council of Higher Education (CHE) has warned students to be aware of dubious foreign exchange programmes that are being offered in other countries, saying such initiatives expose them to untoward risks.

The Chief Executive Officer of CHE, Dr Litšabako Ntoi said the alleged exchange programmes promote human trafficking as most of the students are ill-treated because due process is never followed in such internships.

She therefore appealed to local institutions to go through CHE for such procedures to ensure the safety and welfare of Basotho students in foreign lands.

Dr Ntoi said institutions of higher learning should be aware of the role of CHE, as it has a right to ensure success of students’ foreign exchange programmes.

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She further showed that COVID-19 pandemic has also brought about changes that put students in danger of studying with illegal institutions, urging them to remain vigilant at all times.

CHE is a statutory corporate body established by Section 4 of the Higher Education Act of 2004. The overall mandate of CHE is quality promotion, quality assurance and to advise the Minister of Education and Training. LeNA

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