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UN fully backs Lesotho reforms

UN Resident Coordinator in Lesotho Salvator Niyonzima

Nov. 26, 2019 2 min read

MASERU - United Nations (UN) Resident Coordinator in Lesotho Salvator Niyonzima is adamant the UN financial support in Lesotho’s reforms is well spent.

Mr Niyonzima made this remarks on Monday at the ongoing Second Multi- Stakeholders forum on reforms in Maseru.
According to him, the UN has put aside 2million US dollars for the project, adding the European Union (EU) topped the amount with half a million dollars.
Therefore, he explained that Basotho had found one another and were able to share their thoughts as well as views on how they wanted their country to be transformed. He said such was a noble course, hence, the UN did not regret being associated with it.


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“The people have spoken and this to us is progress, a testimony that reforms are getting somewhere, as such, the money has served its purpose,” Mr Niyonzima said.
Asked if the UN would also provide financial aid to the National Reforms Authority (NRA), an authority expected to be inaugurated this week in order to undertake implementation process of reforms, he said the UN had no such budget.
However, should there be remaining funds, he said they would be eager to support the authority because reforms were a continuous journey requiring all to partake in differently.



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