Sept. 4, 2021


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Vehicle number plates registration in progress

Vehicle number plates registration in progress

Minister of Public Works and Transport, Tšoeu Mokeretla

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  • Ministry wants number plates with coat of arms back
  • M21m set aside for changing old number plates

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CHIEF Information Officer in the Ministry of Transport, Ntumeleng Ntšekhe-Moloinyane has reminded motorists who are still using old number plates bearing the Basotho hat (mokorotlo) emblem that they can only change them when they have expired

She was giving an update on progress made with regard to vehicle number plates registration after the change to the ones bearing the Coat of Arms.

She said motorists whose vehicles’ number plates bear the coat of arms have until the end of October to return them to the Ministry of Transport to get new ones with the Basotho hat.
Mrs Ntšekhe-Moloinyane said services to register new number plates bearing the Basotho hat emblem are proceeding smoothly, adding that at the moment, the ministry is only producing temporary number plates.

“It will be illegal to use number plates with Coat of Arms starting from November 1, hence such motorists will be fined,” she said.
The Minister of Transport, Tšoeu Mokeretla had earlier explained that a sum of M21 million from the consolidated fund will be spent on the replacement of the number plates.

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He said the Coat of Arms was not supposed to have been used in the first place on the car number plates as it is only utilised by the office of the King.

The Ministry of Transport introduced the new vehicle number plates about a year ago with a new format that includes the Coat of Arms and six digits after phasing out the previous ones. In addition, vehicles for Members of Parliament (MPs) were also provided with new registration number plates. LeNA

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