Aug. 10, 2021


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Witness claims he was ordered to arrest Khetheng

Witness claims he was ordered to arrest Khetheng

The first accused Senior Superintendent Thabo Tšukulu

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A Leribe police officer who is testifying in the murder trial of his former colleague, Police Constable Mokalekale Khetheng, says he was ordered to arrest the deceased cop on arson charges.

PC Tumelo Ntoane told the High Court on Monday that prior to the arrest, the officer who commanded the Crime Investigation Division (CID) at the Hlotse Police Station, Inspector Mothibeli Mofolo had issued directives that Khetheng be apprehended on sight as he was a suspect in the burning of a building in Hlotse.

Mofolo is one of the four police officers accused of the murder of Khetheng on March 26, 2016. The others include Senior Superintendent Thabo Tšukulu who commanded the Leribe police along with Mabitle Matona and Haleokoe Taasoane.

They also face other charges including perjury and defeating ends of justice.

In his testimony, Ntoane told the court this week that he would have not arrested Khetheng had he not been instructed to by Mofolo.
He said as it was his duty to report, he called Mofolo following the arrest and informed him about it.

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Ntoane testified after other police officers including Senior Superintendent Phahla Letsosa, Senior Inspector ’Mabohlokoa Makotoko and Sergeant Khothatso Mphutlane.

All three were stationed at the Hlotse Police Station in 2016 when Khetheng allegedly went missing in police custody.

Khetheng allegedly died at the hands of his colleagues, but this has been refuted by the defence, claiming that the deceased was never arrested.

The defence further claims that Khetheng left the police station of his own accord.

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