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Date set for PLMC elective AGM

PLMC spokesperson Moeketsi Ramakatsa

Sept. 28, 2020 2 min read

2 min read

THE Premier League Management Committee (PLMC) will hold its elective annual general meeting on October 23 at a venue yet to be announced.

A circular released by PLMC invites two people per premier league club including the President and Secretary General.

The PLMC has compiled guidelines for the AGM which include among others the nomination of delegates to be done in a way that the delegates’ names will be forwarded to the PLMC no later than 2pm on October 16.

Delegates that the clubs will nominate should be members of the nominating clubs as per the current 2020/2021 season as submitted in the club licensing application.

PLMC states that each club shall nominate one candidate for the available positions in the Premier League Management Committee and no club shall have two representatives in the PLMC.

“In the event that there are disputes emanating from the nomination of either delegates or candidates from clubs, the PLMC shall request signed minutes of the club where the nominations were resolved and adopted by such club,” the statement reads.

It further shows that the agenda of the AGM will be circulated prior to the meeting.  

The procedure is that voting shall be done by way of a secret ballot on issues of election of members to the PLMC and six positions are to be contested for.

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Portfolios to be contested for include Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary General, Vice Secretary General, Communication and Marketing Manager and a member.

PLMC publicist Moeketsi Ramakatsa said LeFA rules allow a PLMC club member to contest for elections as many times as possible as it does not restrict how many terms a member should serve in the committee.

“All the 2020/2021 season registered premier league clubs are expected to attend this meeting. We have a total of 16 teams including the two newly promoted clubs - Manonyane and CCX FC,” he added.

PLMC is currently under the tutelage of former Matlama FC President, Ikarabelle Sello.


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