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DIFA Berea to finally build a mini-stadium

A Lioli FC player at the team's play ground in TY

April 3, 2021 2 min read

2 min read

AFTER struggling for years to find an ideal location, the District Football Association (DIFA) Berea has finally been allocated a site to construct its own mini stadium in Ha Ramachini, TY.

“DIFA Berea worked warmly with the Teyateyaneng (TY) Urban Council in finding the site where we will construct DIFA Berea stadium at. We are proud to announce that we reached an agreement with the council to be granted the site at the dump site near Ha Ramachini and as we speak, the council has given us the document which gives us ownership of that site.

“We have already found a land-surveyor and he has completed surveying the site. We are at a stage where we are awaiting the lease from the Land Administration Authority (LAA) and to merge the two sites at the dump side and the one adjacent to it,” DIFA Berea said in a statement.

In an interview with Metro, the association’s first Vice President Lekhooa Thabaneng confirmed that they are waiting to secure the lease before the real construction work begins.

Thabaneng said the project that began in 2017 is entirely sponsored by the Lesotho Football Association (LeFA).

“The plan was to implement the project as far back as 2017 but we could not get it off the ground because we struggled to get an appropriate site,” he noted.

He added that the design of the stadium is similar to the DIFA Maputsoe stadium although its outside pitch area is relatively bigger.

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“Our site is bigger than the one in Maputsoe, hence our stadium will also include dressing rooms, a gymnasium and a big hall,” Thabaneng also said.

This will be the fourth stadium to be constructed by LeFA after the DIFA Maputsoe, DIFA Mohale’s Hoek and the Bambatha Tšita mini-stadium.

Meanwhile, the DIFA Berea coaches and referees workshop held last month was the first training of its kind since the country went into the first nationwide lockdown induced by the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020.

The association has planned to hold other workshops for clubs compliance officers at various district zones at dates to be announced.

The intention is to guide club officers on what is required for football to safely return to action before the association holds its presidential elections on April 17 in Teyateyaneng.


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