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KC Phafane eyes FIFA role

LeFA President KC Salemane Phafane

April 6, 2021 4 min read

4 min read

PRESIDENT of the Lesotho Football Association (LeFA) King’s Counsel Salemane Phafane has been recommended by the Confederation of African (CAF) to serve in the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) Disciplinary Committee.

This was confirmed by LeFA media officer Mikia Kalati who showed that the recommendation will be effected as soon as it is endorsed by the international football governing body.

Kalati said this is the second time that Phafane serves in FIFA executive committee after a previous stint in the body’s Legal and Compliance Division which provides all legal advices to various FIFA divisions and internal bodies as well as committees.

The FIFA legal unit is also responsible for the whole of FIFA’s legal portfolio in cases before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) or ordinary courts. The division aims to contribute towards FIFA’s new vision to promote the game of football, protect its integrity and bring the game to all.

According to article 51 paragraph 7 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code, the FIFA secretariat publishes decisions issued by the FIFA judicial bodies. Where such a decision contains confidential information, FIFA may decide, ex-officio or at the request of a party, to publish an anonymized or a redacted version.

FIFA publishes all decisions rendered with grounds by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee.

Decisions without grounds are published in a separate and combined document produced by the FIFA Secretariat and new decisions of the committee are uploaded every four months with the latest update being on February 1.

Pursuant to article 52 paragraph 2 of the FIFA Statutes, the Disciplinary Committee consists of a chairperson, a deputy chairperson and a specific number of other members. The chairperson and deputy chairperson of the Disciplinary Committee must be qualified to practise law and decisions of the Disciplinary Committee are final and can be challenged before the FIFA Appeal Committee or CAS, subject to the provisions of the FIFA Disciplinary Code.

KC Phafane who started his football administration career at Bantu FC in the early 80s worked as the club Secretary General from 1987 until 1994 when he became LeFA Secretary General, a position he held until 2002.

Between 2002 and 2004, he served as LeFA Vice President before he became the President in 2005 to date.

He also serves as the association’s legal advisor, a position he has held since 1993.

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From 1996 to 2000, he worked as a member of the Finance Committee of the Confederation of Southern African Football Associations (COSAFA) before he became Vice President in 2008.

He also worked as a member of the CAF Women and Futsal Committee from 2008 until 2011 when he joined the CAF Legal Affairs Committee as a member to date.

He became a member of the CAF Inter-club competitions committee in 2013.   

He also served as a member of the FIFA Associations Committee from 2008 to 2012 when he became a member of the FIFA U20 World Cup Organising Committee.

KC Phafane is a holder of a Diploma in Law (Dip. Law), a Bachelor of Arts in Law (BA. Law) and a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the National University of Lesotho (NUL) and has been in the practice of law from 1987.

 In 2008, the honour and dignity of King’s Counsel was conferred on him by His Majesty King Letsie III in recognition of his fidelity, integrity, ability and contribution in the development of legal jurisprudence in Lesotho and in the region.   

He has been in fulltime practice of law as an advocate of the courts of Lesotho and the Republic of South Africa.

He has over the years handled high profile cases in various spheres of law including, but not limited to criminal law cases, commercial criminal cases, constitutional cases, administrative cases and civil litigation.


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