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LAAA honours King Moshoeshoe I

Oct. 5, 2019 2 min read

MASERU – The Lesotho Amateur Athletics Association (LAAA) has partnered with the Film Sector Groundbreakers Lesotho (FSG) to host the King Moshoeshoe Marathon in honour of the founding father of the Basotho nation.

Both parties on Wednesday signed an official agreement to work together. FSG is the custodian and implementing agent of the mulled King Moshoeshoe Film Festival, a seven-day event that will be staged to commemorate the king and to advance film sector development in Lesotho and other African countries.

The primary purpose of the MOU is to formalise the engagement between LAAA and FSG Lesotho with respect to the staging of the King Moshoeshoe Marathon.  The MOU also seeks to set out the areas of cooperation and shared responsibility guided by the principle of mutual respect for each other’s constitution and independence, while key areas of cooperation will be resource mobilisation, event management and cooperation on general development of sport and athletics. 

The MOU will also facilitate the promotion of LAAA as a brand and the recruitment of more members of the public to join the organisation. The MOU is also believed to seek to set out the areas of co- operation and shared responsibility guided by the principal of mutual respect for each other’s constitution and independence. The key areas of co-operation will be resource mobilization, event management and co-operation on general development of sports and athletics. 

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During the signature, the senior projects manager of FSG Lesotho, Aubrey Silinyane, said their mandate was to use art and sports to commemorate the legendary King Moshoeshoe I during Moshoeshoe Month (March). He said the move was also bound to use of arts and sports to contribute to the national reforms process and to promote the participation of the general public in athletics. 

“King Moshoeshoe I is the icon of integrity and the founder of Basotho nation so we are working together in remembering him as part of culture,” said Silinyane. He also indicated that they aimed to utilise art and sport for tourism by attracting Basotho and foreign participants to spend their money in Lesotho in the period of the event, and also for the general development of athletics within the country.

“We want to develop artistic and sporting talent of Basotho  through their developmental races to adequately prepare them to participate in top races locally and in the global arena,” he also said. LAAA public relations officer (PRO), Sejanamane Maphathe indicated that they were pleased to join hands with FSG Lesotho in this project as it was going to increase athletics admiration in the country.

 “This partnership is going to uplift the spirit of athletics within the country and also promote healthy living as training is an integral part of healthy living,” said Maphathe.  He added the initiative would lure more members into the LAAA, especially the youth. 

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