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LeFA boss asks community leaders to intervene

LeFA president KC Salemane Phafane

May 26, 2020 1 min read

1 min read

MASERU – President of the Lesotho Football Association (LeFA) King’s Counsel Salemane Phafane has appealed to community leaders and the police to stop any football activities that are taking place in their respective areas.

Phafane said a lot of football clubs are practicing and playing friendly matches in spite of the prevailing lockdown intended to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

“We have informed footballs clubs that if any team registered with LeFA is found contravening all rules put in place by the association in the fight against COVID-19, such a club will be suspended indefinitely,” he warned.

He said even individual players who will be found playing football will also be suspended because that is against LeFA’s directives.

“I therefore appeal to area chiefs, councilors and the police to take serious actions against such people,” he said.

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Phafane added: “Football is considered the biggest sport in the world which unites many people into one big family. So we should lead by example through doing the right thing.”

He said it is LeFA’s responsibility to ensure the safety of players, supporters and its officials in these trying times.


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