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LeFA holds induction courses for new DIFAs

LeFA Media Officer Mikia Kalati

Oct. 10, 2020 2 min read

THE Lesotho Football Association (LeFA) is currently holding a series of induction courses for newly elected District Football Associations (DIFAs) with a view to train them on the football controlling body’s operations, its structures as well as how to lobby sponsorships at district level.

LeFA Media Officer Mikia Kalati said a LeFA delegation led by Secretary General Mokhosi Mohapi is currently in Botha Bothe to conduct a two-day induction course for the newly elected DIFA committee in that district.
''The induction courses are intended to train the DIFA committees on several issues such as LeFA structures, administration, communication structures and how to lobby own sponsorship at district level,'' he said.
Kalati made an example of the Lioli FC court case which winded up in conventional courts, saying it is inappropriate for football disputes to be settled in the courts of law without exhausting internal remedies within the football structures.
He said such issues directly affect DIFAs, hence the committees should be equipped with the necessary knowledge and information on what do to whenever they encounter such challenges and how to resolve them within the football structures.


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He said a series of similar induction workshops will be held for other DIFAs and other football structures which are being elected countrywide.
He showed that only the Premier League Management Committee (PLMC) and the coaches committee are yet to be elected while the DIFAs, Women's football as well as referees committees have already been elected and will soon undergo similar induction training.

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