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LeFA receives second batch of FIFA relief fund

LeFA Secretary General Mokhosi Mohapi

Feb. 16, 2021 2 min read

2 min read

LESOTHO Football Association (LeFA) has received the second batch of the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) Relief Fund although the amount in question has not been stated.

''The LeFA National Executive Committee (NEC) is deliberating as to how the money will be allocated and distributed to its structures and the football fraternity will be kept abreast of the developments as they arise,'' the association said in press statement released on Friday.
It says all clubs and structures are expected to fully account for the allocations they received last year, adding those that failed to do so will have their allocations withheld until they have complied.
“All the clubs and structures were forewarned in good time that they will have to account for eligibility for this second tranche of the FIFA Relief Fund,” the statement shows, adding that information in this regard will be supplied within a week or two.

In September 2020, FIFA released the first batch of the Relief Fund earmarked to assist the soccer teams to recover from the negative impact caused by the deadly Coronavirus and it was disbursed to an estimated 900 clubs in the country.
The association had received around M8 million.

Each of the 14 Premier League teams received M80 000 while First Division clubs pocketed M40 000 each. The Second Division and Third Division teams each received M20 000 and M10 000 respectively.

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LeFA structures including District Football Associations (DIFAs), Lesotho Primary School Association (LEPSSA), and Lesotho Institution Sports Association (LISA) as well as referees committees also benefited from the relief fund.
The women football league was not considered as FIFA promised to release a special fund for the women teams at the later stage.
Sporting activities were suspended earlier this year following the second outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic, which has already claimed many lives.

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