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Likatola ropes in new coach

Sept. 26, 2019 3 min read

MASERU - The Federation of Lesotho Rugby (FLR) has announced the appointment of Realeboha Segoete as the new national rugby team, Likatola, head coach in charge of the outfit on a 12-month contract.

Segoete, who commenced his duties on Monday, took over from Roy Natasha Zhou who had been at the helm of the team for the past four years. During his tenure, Zhou played eight games, won five games and lost in three, leaving the team in the bronze stage in Africa.

According to information trickling from the federation, Zhou’s responsibilities were not confined to coaching the national team only, but he was also helping in its development structures where he is believed to have done a marvelous work.  FLR secretary-general, Litšitso Motšeremeli, has indicated that the outgoing Zhou had been assigned to bring glory to the team and to also help it to reach the bronze stage in the African continent.  “He did an exceptional job as he managed to nail whatever was put before him, and we applaud the great job he did” said Motšeremeli. 

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He further showed that soon after Zhou achieved his mandate, he was brought to the table for talks on whether he wanted to continue in his position as head coach, and he decided to relinquish the position and only continue in the development structure. “He decided to leave Likatola and continue with the development team, however, he still has the full support of the federation in his decision,” he said. The federation he said remained indebted to him for his service as he managed to keep a commendable record of a winning streak.  Likatola are left with a single tournament to make it to the silver stage in African rugby, that being the Rugby Africa Silver Tournament that will be played next year. 

Motšeremeli stated they expected a decent showing from the incoming coach, who has an acid test ahead as he is expected to carry the national team through to the silver stage in the forthcoming tournament. He said they trusted Segoete to proceed on the foundation already laid by Zhou as both had already worked in concert in the development of the team.  “Segoete played for Likatola under the leadership of Zhou and during this time he did absolutely marvelous because he played 5 games, lost in 3 and won 2 in his debut so this makes him the right candidate for the position,” said Motšeremeli.

In an interview with Metro following his appointment Segoete said he felt privileged with this opportunity, adding that he had big shoes to fill and a mammoth task at hand as he was expected to take rugby to another level. “I, therefore, promise to bring a wide range of changes that will benefit this sport and also increase its adoration within the country,” said Segoete 

He said his first tasks were to instill a winning spirit in the team, bring the modern technical way of playing and also build team spirit among the players.  “Supporters should expect a huge difference between Zhou’s game plan and mine, my philosophy and game plans are different from what Zhou instilled,” he continued.   The new coach implored supporters to stand by his side both in triumphant times and when the team went uphill, “all I will be doing is for the team and its wonderful supporters.  “I am an open person, I expect to your hear thoughts, comments and advices at all times”.  

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