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Likhopo tie knot with Mamoth

Sept. 26, 2019 2 min read

MASERU - FC Likhopo on Wednesday unveiled Mamoth as their new sponsors for the current season. The sponsorship worth M100 000 will cover the team’s new home and away gear along with other administrative expenses such as the general day to day running of the team.

The new jersey that is yet to be branded will be unveiled at a later stage though its colours will not be the traditional Likhopo’s red and white. This time around, the side will instead don the company’s colours, which include the main colour magenta, with additional blue and gold. Although sponsors usually buy jerseys in the teams’ custom colours, in this case Mamoth have decided to utilise their own corporate colours. 

The partnership between the two has been described as performance-based. That basically means that if the general performance of the team is impressive, Mamoth will either extend the partnership or increase the sponsorship money.  The mandate given directly to the team is that they must at least be among the top four teams at the end of the current season.

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“The idea is not to have a year’s deal only. We would like to be in the Top 4 come the end of the season, and we will increase the sponsorship money,” said the chief executive officer of Mamoth, Teboho Makoetlane, making their intentions known and clear to their partners from the onset. FC Likhopo’s head coach Halemakale Mahlaha down-played the pressure that the sponsor’s mandate seemingly came with. 

Mahlaha confidently showed that while it seemed far-fetched, a spot among the top four was in fact attainable. “This kind of instructions will actually help us work even harder. With the talent we have, we can take Likhopo back to their glory days. To meet their target, we need to work hard,” the coach also said. He was quick to add that the type of mandate he had just been given was not his first. 

“I met this kind of command during my tenure with both Matlama and Lioli and I managed to embrace them gracefully. Hence, I do not see why it should be any different this time around,” he said, showing he was at his best when working under pressure.  The ball now is in FC Likhopo’s court, the time of the journey shall be determined by their performance because their contract is performance based. If they intend to retain the contract, theirs is to work as hard as they possibly can.

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