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Mafoso reacts to Champions League draw

Bantu head coach Bob Mafoso

Nov. 11, 2020 2 min read

2 min read

BANTU head coach Bob Mafoso has welcomed the CAF Champions’ League draw after A-Matšo-Matebele were pitted against Nkana FC of Zambia in the preliminary round of the prestigious continental club competition.

“Zambian clubs are among those that I was hoping to avoid given the dominance they have had over Lesotho teams in the past years,” he said.

Two years ago, the Mafeteng-based outfit became the first Lesotho side to make it past the preliminary round of the competition in over two decades after eliminating Township Rollers of Botswana on penalties with Ntsane Lichaba the hero of the day saving two penalties.

LDF were the last Lesotho side to achieve that feat in 2002 when they eliminated Mogoditshane Fighters of Botswana, beating them 2-1.

“I would have liked to avoid teams from countries like Zambia because they are powerhouse in our region and on the continent,” Mafoso said.

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“Zambia at national team and club levels have also enjoyed a lot of dominance over Lesotho, but that should not be an excuse. We have grown in leaps and bounds as a country as well and will do all we can to be ready for that game.

“We will work hard to get information on Nkana to be able to know what to expect. We know that they are a very good side, but it is important to have a picture of how they play.

“There is a lot of experience in our team and all we have to do is to try to have good preparations. We will give it our best to do the country proud.”



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