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Mahlaseli to represent Maseru in B Division playoffs

Mahlaseli FC celebrate their victory

Nov. 18, 2020 2 min read

2 min read

THE 1-0 win over Sefothafotha FC behind closed doors on Sunday saw the Semonkong-based B Division outfit Mahlaseli FC book a place in this year’s edition of the national playoffs.

Mahlaseli played a total of four matches winning all of them during the DIFA Maseru B Division playoffs, which were held without spectators.

In their first match, they thrashed Soccer Roots FC 2-0 before defeating Lilepe 3-1 in the second match.

They walloped Members FC 4-1 in their third game and thumped Sefothafotha 1-0 in the final meeting to clinch the trophy.

Mahlaseli publicist Leepo Mabusa told Metro that their preparation for the playoffs started two weeks prior to the games, adding that it was difficult preparing under the prevailing COVID-19 situation.

“We used our money as we have not yet received the COVID-19 relief grant from the Lesotho Football Association (LeFA), which we had hoped to utilise in this competition,” he said.  

Mabusa said Members lodged a complaint at the Disputes and Resolutions Committee (DISPROCO), arguing that Mahlaseli only used two Under-20 players during their encounter.

But he testified before DISPROCO that they actually fielded four Under-20 players in their starting lineup and finished the match with three.   

He said DISPROCO ruled against Members who have since appealed the judgment.

“The appeal was lodged before we played the final match but we were able to play that last game against Sefothafotha FC,” he showed.

As hosts of the 2019/20 B Division national playoffs, Mahlaseli will be on standby and will proceed straight to the semifinals scheduled for November 29.

The other nine teams from the other districts will start at the group stages where three of them are expected to face Mahlaseli in the semifinals.

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So far the side has qualified for the playoffs in five consecutive seasons but failed to make it through to the A Division, after being booted out at different stages of the promotional playoffs.

The team is under the tutelage its long-time coach Molefi Mphutlane.

 According to Mabusa, they are targeting a spot in the A Division and have already registered experienced players who play in that division.

“We have registered a number of experienced players to help us to get promoted,” he also said.

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