Cable thief roasted alive


A Mafeteng man was yesterday electrocuted when he attempted to steal copper wires that supply power to the Lancer’s Gap transmission towers in Sehlabeng, Thuathe.

According to the spokesperson of the Lesotho Electricity Company Ts’epang Ledia, the body of the 30-year-old diseased was discovered by members of the Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) who were on patrol duty in the area.

Ledia told Metro that a team from LEC was already attending to the matter.

“Soldiers who were on patrol said they rushed to the scene when they noticed a body hanging on top of one of the tall electric towers. The body was still moving when the soldiers reported the incident,” Ledia said.

He added: “At the time, our personnel had already been dispatched to attend to a power cut emergency after we learnt that a number of radio stations including Radio Lesotho were off air.”

He said a few weeks ago, another group of soldiers also on patrol duties in the same place caught other cable thieves stealing copper wires and handed them over to the police.

“We therefore appeal to the members of the public to restrain from these criminal acts as they risk their lives unnecessarily,” he warned.

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