LCA seeks to catch them young

Lesotho Cricket Association (LCA) held a cricket festival targeting about 110 kids from 10 different primary schools at Cana Primary School in Teyateyang (TY) on May 5, 2019.

The LCA festival was meant to attract more children into cricket as well as test their development and provide more fun for children while influencing them to participate in cricket.

According to Mantsane Thoahlane, LCA Executive Officer their intention was to engage and attract more children into the game of cricket and increase their participation at a young age.

Thoahlane urged children to watch cricket on the television adding that cricket is a very smart and interesting game.

Thoahlane further explained that cricket, like any other sport, has scores and winning players will get awards for their outstanding performance.

“We are here to engage you into cricket and later on we will form a team from Berea district that will compete with other districts in cricket tournaments to be held in the near future,” Thoahlane explained, adding that from the TY zone cricket tournament, they will nominate one child to represent Lesotho in international cricket tournaments with other countries.

Thoahlane added that cricket stars will have opportunities to fly to different and urged them to work very hard in order to reap benefits from cricket in future.

Lekoatsa Chaka, LCA Development Officer, said he is going to play cricket together with children in order to teach them the techniques adding that children who have some idea about cricket will help the ones who are clueless.

“We are going to monitor every movement and if any one of you is playing well, there will be awards for them,” Chaka said adding that cricket’s coaches and facilitators should work hard to impart playing skills to the young ones.

Chaka further explained that it was not their first time to visit the TY Zone for cricket, last year they held mass participation in cricket for children.

She said this time they had visited the TY Zone to assess if there was significant growth in cricket sport for children at grassroots level.

“In other words, we are here to test our development and provide children with fun,” Chaka said, adding it was everybody’s responsibility to see cricket development succeed.

Up to 10 best performing students were awarded trophies in the following categories: best bowler, the best fielder with many catches, best player who dropped many wickets and promising schools.

T-shirts were also awarded to students who answered technical cricket questions correctly.

Tsekelo LECSA, Mokhehle, St David, Phoofolo, Boose, Cana, Lenea, Thota-Peli, Masoeling and Mantoetsi primary schools participated in the cricket development games in TY.

In closing Thoahlane indicated that she will work very hard to produce the best cricket players from the TY zone adding that they will establish a TY cricket committee that will organise cricket tournaments and encourage youth to participate in cricket sports.

“We have identified cricket talent from many young stars therefore let’s use this opportunity to make cricket a popular sport,” Thoahlane said adding that her association will continue monitoring cricket performance at TY and help schools without cricket playing children.

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