Matlama wins MGC soccer extravaganza

Mants’onyane came to a standstill on Saturday last week during the MGC soccer extravaganza which saw Premier League teams and amateurs fight for a trophy and prize money.
The soccer extravaganza attracted thousands of soccer fans from as far as Berea, Maseru and Thaba Tseka districts. The rivals were Matlama, Lioli, Lilala and Mants’onyane United. Lilala and Mants’onyane United played a curtain raiser where Lilala managed to defeat Mants’onyane United 1-0.
The main game was between Matlama and Lioli, both Premier League teams, which grabbed everybody’s attention. The two giants played to a goalless draw, and eventually went to penalty shootouts which saw Matlama winning the game and proceed to the finals.
Matlama coach, Thabile Secker, expressed gratitude for the boys performance saying the
game has prepared them for the league which resumes this week.
Talking about the match, he said their rivals still had a lot to learn to ensure that they are on the right track and have a target which is to win games.
He added that “in soccer we judge performance by results and not anything else and they have to learn that.”
Lilala head coach, Tumane Ramakhula said it was a tough match for the boys but said he expected that as they were still amateurs playing in B division, it was a good lesson.
He said: “We have learnt a lot technically and tactically and we are proud that our squad played well despite their age in terms of development. It was indeed a good effort as the boys were not struck by stage fever.”
Speaking during the presentation of prizes, Sam Matekane, the MGC chairman and sponsor, said all the teams competed fiercely, and “I am certain that the two premier league teams thought that playing with the rural area teams was just a walk in the park. They have learned it is not. I thank everybody for ensuring that these games became a success.”
When addressing the issue of the teams which complained about the meagre prize money they shared during the knockouts which were played in Maseru, Matekane said they had reached an agreement with his accountant to add more to what they already got by M50,000.00 to each of those six teams.
He said: “Those who made it to Mants’onyane will each receive M100,000.00 as agreed and a trophy to the winners.”
He urged everyone to work hard for the development and improvement of the country, adding that if all puts their claws on the ground, poverty could be defeated. He called on the business community to also consider sponsoring sports.
The Chairman of the Premier League, Ikarabele Sello, said they were happy to have started the journey with Matekane Group of Companies saying they were also proud that Matekane for always sponsoring different sporting codes.
Sello appealed to Matekane to consider engaging in a partnership with them for the coming 10 years. He urged Lilala to work hard and prepare in time for the games so as they can reach the standard of the premier league teams.
Speaking on behalf of Lesotho Football Association (LeFA) President Justice Monaphathi also expressed gratitude to the sponsor saying they were thankful for the collaboration.
He applauded Matekane for changing people’s lives.

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