Khothatso makes it to top 15 in Africa


Khothatso Sefali of Ha-Matala, who was crowned Miss Africa International Lesotho, said she is very proud and happy to have made it to the top 15 out of 50, after she competed with other girls from different countries by presenting their different proposals.

The pageant took place in Cairo, Egypt from February 6 to 26, 2019.

“One of the requirements to enter Miss Africa International was to present a proposal on how to empower young women in our country, so with the help from Trans Vanguide organisation, we decided to base ourselves on climate change,” Khothatso said.

She was given the task of writing a proposal about any organisation in Lesotho that is already working to empower women which she said she had found very easy to do, which is how she made it to the top 15.

The benefits she got from the whole competition include; being chosen as an ambassador of the National Council for women in Lesotho, and a fully paid scholarship for any course that she wants to do in Egypt next year, in addition to a franchise of the pageant.

One million euro is the prize at stake.

Khothatso said if she wins the money she will not spend it on her own personal needs, but will give to charity to be used to fulfil some dreams for young Basotho.

On behalf of beauty pageant association, Palesa Ntsapi, also a member of Trans Vanguide, an organisation that helped Khothatso to write a proposal, said while doing their research, they found out that one of the factors that lead to young people being affected by HIV and AIDS was the drought which keeps affecting the country.

She said the project is about promoting climate change awareness and helping young women in Lesotho live better lives by familiarising with the current environment through making climate change a good decision.

Besides, Palesa said they want to empower young women to start projects which are climate smart.

Sefali went back to Egypt on March 26 for her full presentation, where she will be making her presentation along with other contestants from Zimbabwe, Namibia and Congo, among other countries.

She said this time participants are expected to bring one assistant to help in the presentation of the project.

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