March 20, 2023


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EFF calls on international community to monitor protests

EFF calls on international community to monitor protests

EFF leader, Julius Malema and his sidekicks

Story highlights

    Ramaphosa deploys soldiers across the country
    EFF national spokesperson says deployment of military shows that Ramaphosa is bloodthirsty

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PRETORIA – THE EFF has “rejected” the deployment of members of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) across the country, ahead of the national shutdown called for by the opposition party led by Julius Malema.

Parliament has revealed that the deployment of the SANDF will cost the taxpayer about R166 562 058.

EFF national spokesperson Sinawo Tambo said the deployment of the military shows that Ramaphosa is “bloodthirsty”.

“The dictator Cyril Ramaphosa, has deployed 3 474 members of the SANDF to suppress peaceful protests against his failed Presidency and crush the calls for his resignation. This act demonstrates the bloodthirsty nature of the current government and the intolerance of the ruling party to dissent and opposition,” Tambo said.

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“South Africa has degenerated into a military state, and the deployment of the army to suppress the Constitutional right to protest, means we have returned to the dark days of apartheid. The current deployment of the army and law enforcement agencies, has surpassed that of the apartheid regime in the 1980s during the State of Emergency, meaning that Ramaphosa has declared war on the people of South Africa.” - IOL

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