April 13, 2023


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STD Lesotho Bank holds infrastructure indaba

STD Lesotho Bank holds infrastructure indaba

The Standard Lesotho Bank headquarters in Maseru

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    The bank intends to provide financial solutions to the construction industry
    The financial institution has positioned itself as a trusted advisor and financier in providing solutions to its clients

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STANDARD Lesotho Bank is set to hold the first-ever Infrastructure and Construction Lekhotla on Tuesday next week in a bid to lay the foundation for sustainable growth of the industry, thus in turn enabling economic growth.

As the first of its kind, the bank revealed that the two-conference envisages a content-rich session with global perspectives from renowned leaders within the industry, with the aim to drive the development of the industry and enhance the economic well-being of Lesotho and its population.  

“As a bank, we are intentional about being a major player in the construction industry by providing financial solutions to the construction industry. We believe that by pioneering the Infrastructure and Construction Lekhotla, we are extending an invitation to the industry to lay a solid foundation for this industry for the benefit of the wider economy and Basotho in general,” Standard Lesotho Bank Head of Business and Commercial Banking, Keketso Makara said on Wednesday.

Lesotho has the potential to establish an industry policy framework based on the principles of inclusivity and equality, and the workshop aims to advance this conversation by having infrastructure and construction players in one room.

The conference will gather decision-makers and influencers within the infrastructure and construction industry, as well as leaders in state-owned enterprises with key roles in infrastructure development among others.

Through the years, Standard Lesotho Bank has positioned itself as a key thought leader, trusted advisor, and financier in providing solutions to its clients. The overarching vision of the bank is to support the wider economic growth trajectory in the country, with a meaning to the bank’s mandate of contributing to the betterment of society and investing in the communities in which it operates.

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“Phase II of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project, with the construction of Polihali Dam, is probably the biggest project in the country in our lifetime, and if we don’t participate fully and explore possibilities for Basotho businesses to gain value out of this and many other projects in the country, it will be a missed opportunity,” Makara added.

The event will further provide opportunities for exhibitors to display their products and services in the industry, sales lead generation, and peer-to-peer networking for industry players and stakeholders.

Some of the exhibitors scheduled to display their offerings include international brands for yellow plants and machinery, industrial suppliers, and producers of various commodities and consumables in the construction industry.

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