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Winter cropping runs smoothly – agriculture ministry

A maize field during winter in Lesotho

May 31, 2021 2 min read

2 min read

says winter cropping is running smoothly as inputs which include seeds and fertilisers are readily available.

High yield is expected he said, as there is enough moisture, hence hunger and poverty will be gamely put at bay.

Mr Masupha, however, showed that the ministry is aware that most farmers did not engage in winter cropping although seeds and fertilisers were made available well in time and in large quantities.

He said the ministry is currently making follow ups to find out what happened with the farming inputs bought.
“Other farmers are reluctant to start winter cropping because during this dry season, herders destroy their crops by grazing their animals on their fields,” he said, urging farmers who might be willing  to engage in winter cropping to go ahead because there is still enough time.

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He highlighted the importance of crop rotations, saying it is good for soil development and prevention of pesticides.

The Ministry provided a subsidy of 60 percent on seeds and fertilisers which are available in Ha Foso with payments made at the Ministry's Headquarters in Maseru. LeNA

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