Jan. 29, 2024


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World Bank deputy president visits Lesotho

World Bank deputy president visits Lesotho

World Bank's Regional Vice President, Dr. Victoria Kwakwa

Story highlights

    The visit is meant to assess the progress of World Bank-funded projects in Lesotho
    Dr. Victoria Kwakwa leads the bank’s engagement with 26 countries

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World Bank’s Regional Vice President for Eastern and Southern Africa, Dr. Victoria Kwakwa, is scheduled to visit Lesotho from January 29–30.

The purpose of the two-day visit, according to the Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, ’Mantletse Maile, is to assess the progress of World Bank-funded projects in Lesotho, particularly the Entrepreneurship Hub and Seed Financing Facility, a flagship programme under the Competitiveness and Financial Inclusion Project (CAFI) in the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Business Development.

Dr. Kwakwa, a Ghanaian national, is an economist and development expert with over 30 years of experience and leads the Bank’s engagement with 26 countries.

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She oversees an active portfolio of 313 operations totaling $58 billion and an extensive programme of cutting-edge analytic work, technical assistance, and policy advice.

Forbes Africa has recognised Dr. Kwakwa among the 2023 50 Most Influential Women in Africa, according to its recent publication.

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