April 29, 2021


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Khetheng’s murder trial should proceed at all costs

Khetheng’s murder trial should proceed at all costs

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POLICE Constable Mokalekale Khetheng has been dead for over four years now, but there is still no indication as to whether or not his alleged killers will stand trial.

This is because whenever the matter is supposed to take off, something comes up, cooked by the defence.

The matter is expected to continue sometime in May, but as things stand, the accused do not have official lawyers to represent them, after their own lawyers played a fast one on them last week.

Ironically, they are represented by two of the best legal minds in Lesotho, King’s Counsel Karabo Mohau and Zwelakhe Mda.

One would have thought the two top barristers would confidently go to court and put up the best defence the country has ever envisage.

Instead, for some reason, neither of them seems too keen to go to court to defend their clients.

Both seem hung up on playing hide and seek with the court as they appear to lack the zeal to see the trial taking off.

Through their undeniable dexterity, the case has been dragging in court for such a long time that its postponements no longer make sense anymore.

The only thing clear is that the defence wants to derail the trial at all costs, notwithstanding the fact that the team has now run out of justifications as to why the matter cannot proceed.  

Last week, Mda failed to show up in court, citing ill-health. Before the end of the same week, Mohau ditched his clients, arguing that the state had not paid their pro deo fees.

That sounds more like another ploy to keep the trial from the seeing light of day, because come to think of it, why would the state sabotage its own case?

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After all, it is the Crown’s case.

This week, the accused scoffed at Advocate Thulo Hoeane who has been appointed by the court to represent them, contending that they cannot stand him.

They argue that they only want Mda as their lawyer. This again still sounds like another hoax to keep the trial out of court.

The accused have however, been warned by the presiding judge that if they are not satisfied with Hoeane’s services, they might as well represent themselves.

He said the right to legal representation is not absolute; hence the prosecution has the right to prosecute an unrepresented accused.

In order words, if the accused are not prepared to have Hoeane as their lawyer, come May 7 when the trial continues, they will stand undefended.


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