Dec. 2, 2021


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LEC, sort your house out

LEC, sort your house out

LEC Managing Director, Mohato Seleke

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    Those at helm of LEC have shown concern over on-going public shaming by its customer base
    New strategy has exposed LEC shenanigans that include being accused of lack of commitment

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LESOTHO Electricity Company (LEC) should up its game and race against time to improve services in order to run away from the never ending scrutiny from the public.

In recent years, the company has been shamed in all corners, sometimes for the wrong reasons but on many occasions deservedly so.

Recently, those at the helm of the LEC have shown concern over the on-going public shaming by its customer base.

LEC chairman, Lejone Mpotjoane revealed recently that the company has been in the media for wrong reasons, citing that they are willing to ‘make corrections on their operations’.

This, he said as the company launched its new strategy which is expected to provide a clear roadmap on improving its mandate and service delivery going forward.

The new strategy has exposed LEC shenanigans that include being accused by members of the public of its lack of commitment towards serving the nation as well as lack of leadership.

Some accuse the company of failing to get anything right as per its mandate.

Poor and old infrastructure and lack of funds are some of the challenges faced by the company.

From this, it is clear that the company leadership should double efforts, particularly after launching the new three-year strategy and improve on its operations as soon as it is possible.

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The new strategy should be used as a guiding tool to ensure improved services for the next three years. Government on the other hand should also play its role and assist the utility to fulfill its mandate in terms of making available enough funding that would in turn make it possible for LEC to improve services.

One way to assist would be to force all state-owned companies and other government ministries to pay their electricity bills on time, an undertaking that would generate timely and much needed revenue for the company.

While under ridicule for many years, it has been increasingly difficult for management to respond to all the challenges mainly due to limited finances.

Government has not been able to support the LEC with enough funding to execute its mandate.

This is dangerous not only to individuals, but to the entire economy in that businesses suffer because of poor services from the power utility. It is important to note that energy remains one of the most important tools towards attracting the much desired foreign direct investment into the country.


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