Sept. 22, 2022


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Mobile fuel stations to change the face of local business

Mobile fuel stations to change the face of local business

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    The fuel stations to be erected in underserviced parts of Lesotho
    The roll out will further give birth to more business opportunities

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THE initiative by the Lesotho Petroleum Fund to introduce mobile filling stations should be well cherished as it will cover even the farthest areas of the country where access to petroleum products has always been a challenge over the years.

Just last week, a delegation from Petroleum Fund went on a fact finding mission to Zambia where they learnt about the implementation of the mobile filling stations project.

The team, which was led by the outfit’s chief, Mr Thato Mohasoa returned home on Monday and is expected to give a full account of what is to happen going forward.

Among others, the team held meetings with key stakeholders and designated operators of mobile filling stations in Zambia as well as visited companies that are already in the industry.

The plan for Lesotho is to implement the programme particularly in the underserviced parts of the country.

Considering the complexity of the national road infrastructure, the introduction of such initiatives will definitely make things much easier not just for motorists but for businesses as well. The roll out will further give birth to more business opportunities that are struggling to see the light of day due to this challenge.  

Owners of these flexible filling stations are also likely to benefit through maximum and prolific profits. The flexibility of the mobile fuel stations cannot go unnoticed and that means consumers and businesses will be saved from long queues that are normal at most local fuel stations.

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The mobile filling stations can be used for the refueling of cars, trucks and construction or mining machinery for instance. Container units can always be reinstalled at different spots without problems and pretty fast.

Another advantage is that mobile filling stations are also much cheaper and are recommended due to high costs of investment to build a flexible petrol station. That is why it is going to be a solution for areas with less developed infrastructure across the country.

Because it is mobile, there is no way the station cannot be profitable as it can always be positioned or re-erected in another more profitable area.

So if the Petroleum Fund can be successful with the introduction of this project in the country, a lot more problems can be solved while at the same time more economic activity with greater contribution to the country’s GDP shall also be seen. 



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