Sept. 14, 2021


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ABC MP crosses to BAP

ABC MP crosses to BAP

Leader of BAP, Prof Nqosa Mahao

Story highlights

  • Admires BAP for respecting people’s views
  • Says ABC fights will never end

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ALL Basotho Convention (ABC) Member of Parliament for the Likhoele constituency, Phamotse Molefi has crossed the floor to join the Basotho Action Party (BAP).

In an interview, he said he has over time learnt that the members of BAP adhere to the basics that include the law and transparency.
Mr Molefi said BAP members also respect other people’s views, adding this means that within the party, majority rules and therefore this will lead to real development of the party.

He said fights that occur within the ABC have been continuing for a long period and he realises that they will not end any time soon.
“The motion of no confidence against the government led by Dr Moeketsi Majoro is a clear indication that divisions within ABC still continue” he also said.
BAP was awarded a certificate of registration by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). 
It is a splinter party of the ruling ABC and was formed by Professor Nqosa Mahao.

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Prof Mahao was elected as the deputy leader of ABC in 2019 in a controversial elective conference that saw the party being dragged to courts of law to allow the former to be part of the election race, as he had been barred by ABC National Executive Committee (NEC).

Following his election, Prof Mahao became Minister of Law, Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

However, he claimed to have been made uncomfortable and unwanted in the party so much that he had to walk away.
He initially left the party with nine MPs. LeNA

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