Jan. 13, 2023


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Govt honours agreement with health body

Govt honours agreement with health body

Minister of Health, Selibe Mochoboroane

Story highlights

    Basotho promised improved health-care services
    Government to increase yearly subvention to CHAL health centres

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THE Ministry of Health has pledged to keep its part of the bargain by paying annual subventions to the Christian Health Association (CHAL) as per the previous arrangement.

This, after CHAL earlier cried foul that the government was failing to stick to the agreement the two parties signed beforehand.

Both had agreed that, as part of the deal to enhance primary health care delivery in the country, the government would pay 80 percent of the subvention while its partner would take care of the remaining 20 percent.

CHAL is an established partner of Global Ministries, founded in 1863.

The association has six member churches and serves eight hospitals as well as 70 health centres across Lesotho.
Its mission is to develop the highest quality and widest distribution of health services in the country by providing health care through its hospitals and health centres.
The association works in urban areas as well as rural communities and distant outposts, providing one-third of the health care to the country.
Addressing a press briefing on Thursday this week, the Minister of Health, Selibe Mochoboroane said the meetings between the two partners were quite fruitful, promising that the government intended to keep its word.

“We agreed that there will be an adjustment on the subventions every year in order to address costs, which CHAL might incur,” he said.

The subvention is aimed at paying the salaries of personnel at CHAL’s health centres, as well as buying medical supplies and paying for the running costs of the health facilities.

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“It is clear that the government encountered serious challenges in 2022, when it increased civil servants’ salaries by five percent, as it did not adjust CHAL’s subvention by the same margin. The salaries of staff working at the health centres were not adjusted as a result. This negatively affected service delivery as personnel felt discriminated against,” Mochoboroane said.

The Minister was quick to note that amidst the said challenges, he was made aware that there were ongoing talks between the government and CHAL with a view to resolving the issue.

“But after the health centres adjusted their prices, we held fresh talks where we agreed that our old agreement had not changed,” he said, adding it was further agreed that it would be inappropriate to punish Basotho by making them pay more in order to access health care services at the facilities. - LeNA

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