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New cough syrup makes waves locally

Jan. 18, 2021 2 min read

2 min read

A NEW locally produced cough syrup called OptiCough is making waves on the market, reportedly saving lives of some COVID-19 patients who used it.

The syrup, according to its manufacturer Dr Lerato Seleteng-Kose takes care of coughs, fevers and flu.

Dr Seleteng-Kose, who is a researcher and lecturer at the National University of Lesotho (NUL), confirmed that she produced the syrup in partnership with Motiki Beleme of Triapharm Manufacturing.
The scientist who holds a PhD in Botany, with focus on ethno botany, biodiversity and taxonomy said she and Mr Motiki, an analytical chemist in pharmaceuticals have been working tirelessly on the project since January 2020.
She however, showed that the nation should be aware that this is a different project from the medicinal compound intended to fight COVID-19, adding that researches in that regard are on-going even though NUL scientists through the compound have passed some tests with CSIR, South Africa.

The syrup, she said is not a COVID-19 cure, adding however that local hospitals, pharmacies and clinic effectively use it to fight flu and the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am confident that people can opt for this syrup as prescribed by health professionals or pharmacists, the 100ml bottle is not meant to be sold for more than M100,” she also said.

Dr Seleteng-Kose noted that COVID-19 is alive, adding that it is everybody's responsibility to take all necessary preventive measures as outlined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) including social distancing, hand hygiene, sanitation and persistent wearing of facial masks.

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OptiCough, she said is just a cough syrup not a drug like the one they are producing for COVID-19, adding that there is therefore no need for a green-light from WHO to use it.

She urged all to be mindful and cautious of their behaviour in this era of COVID-19 as many are succumbing to the virus.
While NUL experts are doing all they can to assist the sick, the institution has fallen victim to the pandemic after it lost three of its prominent staff members recently.

The trio includes Kedisitse Lofafa, Dr Moletsane Monyake and Dr Lehlohonolo Phafoli.

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