June 8, 2022


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PhytoMedicine brings natural remedy

PhytoMedicine brings natural remedy

Samples of the Phytomedicine

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    The fight against Covid-19 takes toll
    Syrup was designed to strengthen the immune system

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ORGANICA Global Brands has launched PhytoMedicine, a Covi-aid syrup and Covi-immune tincture, to treat and relief flu like symptoms such as coughs and fever amongst others.

Head researcher and developer, Dr Thuto Pius Tšooana said the medicine was infused with organic natural products to alleviate respiratory illnesses and inflammation.

He said PhytoMedicine syrup was designed to strengthen the immune system and reduce the effect of respiratory infections, adding that it also possessed anti-inflammatory properties that assisted with regulating and optimising homeostasis.

“We promise Basotho that PhytoMedicine will assist them to fight flu, colds and COVID-19 symptoms,” Dr Tšooana said. “PhytoMedicines are natural and herbal medicines composed of different ingredients like Artemisia (Lengana) amongst others.”

He said once taken, they would assist with many health benefits like natural healing, enhancing general well-being, strengthening  the immune system, adding they had fewer side effects.

The Covi-aid syrup and Covi-immune drops are packed with ingredients such as CBDA or cannabidiolic acid and Artemisia Afra, which have been used for centuries in relieving respiratory infections. 

Following the burden of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has led people to seek alternative treatments such as preventives and treatment options such as medicinal plants.

PhytoMedicine is such a relief since the COVID-19 outbreak first began in Wuhan, China in 2019, sweeping the globe as it also devastated public health and the world economy.

Besides vaccine development here at home, intense efforts elsewhere have also been focused on finding effective boosts against COVID-19 as well as flu.

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Based on the recognition that herbal medicines were generally safe, Dr Tšooana said they were commonly used to improve immunity and prevent viral infections.

Historically, research shows natural products and herbal medicines have been used for the prevention of viral infections and generally show favorable efficacy and acceptable toxicity.

Natural and herbal medicines have a long track record in treating respiratory infections and many have been approved as drugs or over-the-counter food additives.

However, as most herbal medicines for the clinical treatment of COVID-19 still lack rigorous clinical trials, the clinical and economic value of herbal medicine in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 has not been fully evaluated.

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