July 15, 2021


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Tšepo Tšola succumbs to COVID-19

Tšepo Tšola succumbs to COVID-19

Legendary Lesotho musician, Tšepo Tšola

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LEGENDARY Lesotho musician Tšepo Tšola has passed away.

According to reports, he passed away after a recent battle with Covid-19 landed him in hospital.

Tshola was an award-winning jazz musician whose debut album ‘A New Dawn’ received critical acclaim.

In the 70s, Tshola was part of a musical group called Sankomota. 

The band (originally named Uhuru) was from the Mountain Kingdom’ of Lesotho and was formed around 1976. It consisted of members such as Frank Leepa, Moss Nkofo, Black Jesus, Moruti Selate and Pitso Sera, among others.

At some point, the group was even banned in South Africa.


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In the late 80s, they relocated to London after Tšola joined Hugh Masekela on a world tour. Tšola and Masekela then became friends. 

The ‘Ho Lokile’ hitmaker was last known to be living in the Johannesburg suburb of Kensington where he lived in a Victorian-style home that doubled as the Headquarters for his label Killer Joe Records.

Drum reports that artists such as Joe Nina and Stan Letsela were part of the label. 

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