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TV personality honoured for upholding culture

LTV newscaster Nomazwati Letšolo next to Tlome-Thabure

March 22, 2021 4 min read

4 min read

SHOWERS of praise continue to be poured on trending LTV newscaster Nomazwati Letšolo for the remarkable role she plays in upholding Basotho culture.

The Qacha’s Nek-born personality who grew up in Hlotse, Leribe is everybody’s darling on Sesotho prime time news. She has won hearts of many Basotho through her unique eloquence in Sesotho and moving poetry, with some people showering her beautiful gifts for bringing a different flavor on national television.

Letšolo who is also as a motivational speaker and event planner is the founder of Nomazwati Success Events.

She previously received a Language Excellence Award during this year’s national celebration of the Moshoeshoe’s Day.

The Moshoeshoe’s Day is an annual event observed on March 11 to mark the death of the founder of Basotho nation, King Moshoeshoe I who died the same day in 1870.

The cultural event was held at the LNBS premises and the climax of the celebration was a procession along the Kingsway Road, featuring Letšolo dressed in cultural attire.

She rode in great elegance in ‘Tlome-Thabure’ – a vehicle designed by Elias Motlomelo - a former member of the Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) now turned into a top-notch motor mechanic and successful businessman.

Speaking to Metro in an interview, the National University of Lesotho (NUL) graduate who studied drama, theatre and languages said she received presents ranging from blankets, a sheep, a seshoeshoe dress, a traditional dress, money and a framed photo of herself reading the news on TV.

“These gifts I received are the highest recognition bestowed upon me and are an indicated that I have made a significant contribution to preserve the culture of Basotho,” she said with evident pride.

The initiative to show appreciation for her contribution was instigated by the Commissioner of Police Holomo Molibeli, who contended that Letšolo needs to be encouraged for her unique brilliance.

Aged 38, the mother of two who is a former pupil of St Boniface High School in Maputsoe, has called on advocates of Sesotho to ensure that the language is intensively taught in lower primary schools, adding that subjects like Bible, Literature and Mathematics should be taught in Sesotho.

“Through our language, we must also be able to get entertained and employed, for instance people can became professional interpreters and translators. We should see musicians, poets, actors and authors utilising our home language in their production in order to promote self-awareness and preserve our history for future generations.    

“My profession has taken me to various countries and I learnt with great excitement how protective other nations are about their languages and cultures. Take for instance King Mswati of eswatini. He attends almost every occasion clad in his traditional outfit and always travels with a poet who praises him before he enters any meeting even at international level. That is the spirit I’m talking about,” she said.  

Letšolo’s trending began a couple of months ago when people started praising her on social media and sharing some of her videos on Facebook and WhatsApp.

“Your commitment and selfishness towards your job, in the best interests of Basotho and Lesotho, are the main reasons behind your success Nomazwati. Keep up the good work. You deserve the glory,” commented Edward Motsiba on his Facebook page.

Many people who reacted to the posts have shown that culture is central to the identity of Basotho.

They therefore acknowledged the commitment and passion that Letšolo has highlighted over the years by holding on to the original Sesotho language every time she reads news on television.

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“We must recognise and fulfill our duty to stay true to who we really are. We must remember where we come from in order to know where we are going. We must ensure that our leaders instill the pride of our culture in our children. Promoting Sesotho has never been a spirit embedded in our country, hence my strong desire to build the practice.

“I have always wondered why our national celebrations, ceremonies and events are led by speeches prepared in English? Why have we turned our backs on our own customs so much so that even our children find them boring? These are the signs of a lost nation and something needs to be done to remedy the situation,” she pressed.

Asked where she draws her inspiration to perfect her act on television, Letšolo was quick to mention Ratokelo Nkoka who she described as her great mentor.

Nkona is a renowned Sesotho expert, historian and the former Director of Languages at the Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology.

He is also a member of the national celebrations committee.

For his part, Nkoka described Letšolo as a perfect example for the future generations, encouraging her to keep up the good work of promoting the Sesotho language.

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