Jan. 29, 2024


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Blow to Ha Matala sheep farmers

Blow to Ha Matala sheep farmers

Bashotho sheep farmers

Story highlights

    The deal to secure site for selling their livestock collapses
    The farmers have already identified two perfect locations to select from, both in Maseru

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SHEEP farmers who retail their livestock in Ha Matala, Maseru will soon be left stranded if the government fails to secure a permanent site where they can showcase and sell their livestock.

This, after the farmers were promised a plot in Maqalika, near Temong, a deal that was later cancelled without a clear explanation.

While this is the case, the owner of a site which the farmers are currently using in Ha Matala as their temporary showroom has already given them notice to vacate his plot.

Keketsi Phole from the Ministry of Trade, and Industry, has confirmed that after the site in Maqalika was surveyed, it emerged that it was not ideal for the purpose they had in mind.

However, Phole said they were working together with the Maseru City Council (MCC) to secure a new site for the sheep farmers, adding that they had already identified two perfect locations to select from, both in Maseru.

One of the farmers, who is also a member of the Tsoelangpele Baitšukuli society, Mohau Malataliana, confirmed that they soon have to vacate the site they are using in Ha Matala as the owner has already given them notice to vacate.

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He said it is just a matter of time, as the owner is only waiting to get a lease for the plot before she tells them to go.

 "Clearly, we are soon going to be stranded once the owner gets a lease,” Malataliana said.

He said once that happened, their families were going to suffer.

 “If we cannot get our own site soon, our families starve because this is our only means of livelihood,” he said.







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