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‘I will resign should AUSC Games fail’

Oct. 17, 2019 3 min read

MASERU – Sports minister, Dr Mahali Phamotse, has undertaken to resign from her ministerial post should the country fail to successfully host the forthcoming AUSC Region 5 2020 Games.

“I assure you that if ever these games fail, I will hand over my resignation letter to the Honourable Prime Minister Thomas Thabane with immediate effect,” a confident Dr Phamotse publicly declared.  The sports minister made this chilling remark at the Bambatha Sports Area, in Maseru this week, at the welcoming ceremony of her new deputy Mr Kose Makoa.

The minister pointed out that as policy directors of the sports ministry they were faced with the challenge of developing sports in the country “especially at the international level. And I can proudly assure you of the success of the forthcoming AUSC Region 5 2020 Games.” Dr Phamotse thanked the prime minister for providing her with someone to work with in a ministry she said was under pressure to elevate the performance in the various sports codes in the country. 

The actual announcement of the hosting of the games was made by the sports ministry in October 2017, but there has been no visible infrastructural development to date – and the question remains if Lesotho will not be stripped of the rights to host the games. In August, Prime Minister Thomas Thabane led officials on a sod turning event in Lepereng, Maseru, where a world-class sports arena is expected to be constructed.

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Dr Phamotse makes this promise with less than 14 months to go before the country hosts the games, despite visible indicators that there is still so much to do. The new deputy minister of sports emphasized, in his acceptance remarks, that he preferred to work with peaceful employees because that would yield good results. 

“I struggle to work with people who are not peaceful because they lack focus,” he said, further highlighting that he believed in team work “as it helps to yield results that one could not achieve while working alone.  “It is only through team work that we will achieve all that is expected of us as a ministry,” he said.  Speaking on behalf of present stakeholders, the LNOC and Commonwealth Games director of operations, Mr Pulumo Nchakha, expressed joy in welcoming the deputy minister whom he said was being belatedly welcomed into the fold. 

“We are belated to welcome you during this crucial time when we are preparing to host the AUSC Region 5 games,” he said.   Mr Nchakha further indicated that the issue of doping has got into the sports fraternity in Lesotho, calling for strong measures against those who are found on the wrong side of the conduct and code of practice.  On behalf of the Principal Secretary, the Deputy Principal Secretary, Mrs ‘Mabataung Khalane, observed that the majority of the ministerial workload rested on the shoulders of the minister – a task she said was not easy for her to perform alone. “We warmly welcome you ntate, and through you we will arrive at our expectations,” she continued.

Deputy minister Makoa was recently appointed when Prime Minister Thabane reshuffled his cabinet and introduced new faces in the now more than 35 ministerial posts. 

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