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Lehohla urges participation in reforms

Nov. 1, 2018 2 min read

2 min read

MASERU - Former Deputy Prime Minister of Lesotho (DPM) Mr. Lesao Lehohla has commended Development for Peace Education (DPE) for bringing together Basotho from different walks of life to make their contribution on the reforms that the country is in the process of implementing.

He applauded the organisation at a dialogue held in Maseru on Monday for stakeholders likely to be forgotten in the view of DPE when the final contributions are made on reforms. Mr. Lehohla said that everyone has to say a word in reforms “and today's meeting that called people with vast experience of service is utmost importance” adding that they should really engage in issue of national concern.

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He said their engagement should have positive results on the country's growth. Mr. Lehohla stated that Basotho should reflect on what the country has achieved since independence as it has been a process for the country to have arrived where it is today. He advised Basotho to change their attitude in an effort to achieve positive results on the reforms.

He said Lesotho is a Christian country blessed with natural resources such as water but the nation should also admit that they are sick and need to seek God's intervention on the reforms for development. Mr. Lehohla took the opportunity to express concern over the gun killings of elderly people and corruption saying that there is need for the country to work hard to address such crimes.

Speaking at the same dialogue the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations Mr. Lesego Makgothi said the government is already in the process of the reforms as some activities have already been undertaken citing the launch of the reforms roadmap and the national leaders forum to mention a few. He commended DPE for the dialogue to give Basotho the opportunity to participate in issues of national concern like the reforms.

Participants of the dialogue included the senior citizens, former civil servants, prominent citizens, former police and army officers as well as chiefs. DPE has already met with other sectors of the community with the same objective. Reforms are to be implemented in sectors that include Security, Constitution, Parliamentary, Public Service and Judiciary.


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