Feb. 22, 2023


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PSs to be retrenched

PSs to be retrenched

Minister of Public Service, Labour and Employment, Richard Ramoeletsi

Story highlights

    Vacant PSs positions are open to all qualifying Basotho
    The number of PSs is reduced from 25 to 14

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IN an incessant bid to further moderate overspending, the government has taken another bold move to reduce the number of Principal Secretaries (PS) to just 14, thus equaling the number of Ministries which were previously also slashed.

The Minister of Public Service, Labour and Employment, Richard Ramoeletsi made the revelation this week that following lengthy discussions between stakeholders, all 25 contracts will be terminated in line with the provisions of the Public Service Act.

Subsequently, members of the public, including the same 25 PSs shall be allowed to apply to fill the vacant 14 positions.

“Government will advertise 14 positions of Principal Secretaries whereby all qualifying persons including those whose contracts have just been terminated shall be eligible to apply. This, the government said is in line with Section 8 of the Public Service Act,” Ramoeletsi said.

He noted that the government was committed to offering financial literacy training and counselling to the PSs in preparation for the restructuring programme.

When he was sworn in in October last year, after winning the country’s general elections, Prime Minister Ntsokoane Matekane, among others indicated that his government had to reform the public service in order to make it more efficient, transparent, accountable and effective.

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He also pledged to uproot corruption and stop the rampant embezzlement of public funds.

He said the new government would increase accountability in the public sector by creating a system in which the performance, expected of all public officers, would be transparently reported.  

Together with other government officials, Principal Secretaries in the country have on several occasions been accused of corruption and embezzlement of public funds to name but a few.


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