Nov. 10, 2022


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Scorned lover killed in love triangle

Scorned lover killed in love triangle

The High Court of Lesotho

Story highlights

    Two brothers allegedly stone woman after she burnt down their home
    Woman enraged after she was dumped for another lady

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TWO Thaba Tseka brothers who allegedly kidnapped a female passenger from a taxi and dragged her to a nearby forest where they reportedly stoned her to death are expected to appear in the Thaba Tseka Magistrate’s Court on November 17.

Khotso Kobeli and his younger brother Pakiso made their first appearance in the same court last week where they were charged with murder.

They were remanded in custody.

It is alleged that on November 2 at around 9m, Khotso, 33, and Pakiso 26, attacked the 32-year-old woman who had boarded a 4+1 cab from Thaba Tseka town to her home village of Ha Sepiriti.

She was alone in the vehicle with the driver.

It is alleged that the two brothers from the same village ambushed the taxi before it reached its destination.

It is further alleged that Khotso had previously been in a steady relationship with the deceased woman and promised to marry her before marrying another woman instead.

The scorned woman is alleged to have attacked Khotso’s home in vengeance and burnt down his house.

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The woman was later arrested and charged with arson.

Details of what transpired after her arrest remain sketchy at this point.

When the case continues on November 17, the court will be enlightened as to how the woman was abducted from the taxi before she was killed in the forest.

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