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July 30, 2021

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Botswana signs first two solar PV power purchase agreements

Botswana signs first two solar PV power purchase agreements

Botswana issues licences for first large-scale solar power plant

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Sub-Saharan Africa focused independent power producer Sturdee Energy has signed two power purchase agreements with the Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) for the country’s first two solar PV IPP projects.

A 3MW (AC) solar PV project will be created in Bobonong in the central district of Botswana and a 1MW project will be built in Shakawe in the northwest of the country. Under the executed PPAs, Sturdee Energy will sell electricity to BPC for 25 years. The projects are expected to produce more than 10,000MW in their first year of operation.

David Kgoboko, BPC CEO, said: “The signing of the two PPAs marks a major milestone for the adoption of renewable energy in Botswana’s new energy mix and increases energy security for our country in an environmentally sustainable manner.

“The two solar PV projects mark the beginning of the rollout of twelve grid-tied solar PV projects which are scheduled for completion by end of 2022. When realised, these projects will contribute a total of 35MW of clean energy to our grid.”

The two projects were awarded in 2019 when Sturdee Energy started acquiring necessary permits and developing the project sites. The projects entail an investment of around $5,5 million and will contribute directly and indirectly to the supply of low-cost renewable energy to the country as well as local employment opportunities.

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The projects would boost the nation's grid-connected solar capacity by around 66% based on the figure estimated by the International Renewable Energy Agency at the end of 2022.

According to the company, they are committing to citizen economic empowerment targets which include skills transfer to the people of Botswana. They will also share experiences garnered from working on a similar solar project in Africa.

James White and Andrew Johnson, Sturdee Energy’s executive directors, commented that they were delighted to have been selected to deliver the first solar IPP projects in Botswana and the execution of the PPAs demonstrate significant progress towards realising Botswana’s first IPP renewable energy projects.

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