Aug. 29, 2022


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Master KG takes world by storm with his latest dance craze

Master KG takes world by storm with his latest dance craze

Top SA musician, Master KG

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    Kgaogelo Moagi has gone global again
    Social media exploded with trending videos of the 2018 track

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PAYDAY weekend started off on a hype when social media was flooded with the latest dance craze called the #WayaWayaChallenge.

Even though the hit song was released five years ago, it’s no surprise that South African musician and record producer Kgaogelo “Master KG” Moagi has gone global again.

In barely 24 hours, the dance craze has travelled to various countries where everyone tried their hand at the quirky dance moves that will have you in stitches and dancing along at the same time.

Bursting with pride, Master KG wrote: “Here we go again, another one.”

As social media exploded with trending videos of the 2018 track, you can’t help but bop your head and tap your feet to the unique beat.

We can’t entirely describe the moves but it’s a complicated frozen frame of the body while slowly stepping to one side using small steps, preferably performed as a group activity.

We bet every office, family function or public space event will be taking on this challenge soon.

If the “Jerusalema” track could unite people before and during the world pandemic, then this “house” number won't be any different.

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While the majority of the videos are of Asian or other international countries, South Africans are proud of our own music icon making waves globally.

@Kutamatshianeo wrote: “The Jerusalem lady must give us another hit cause she claim Jerusalem went viral because of her, master kg on the other hand doesn’'t talk too much, his work speaks for him #WayawayaChallenge. - IOL

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