Sept. 29, 2022


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SA reach out to veteran actor, Vusi Thanda

SA reach out to veteran actor, Vusi Thanda

Veteran SA actor, Vusi Thanda

Story highlights

    Thanda cried out for financial help
    Dr Malinga also revealed he lost everything after failing to pay his dues to SARS

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ESTEEMED SA actor, Vusi Thanda, known for his popular roles in Emzini Wezinsizwa and The Queen, shared a devastating video of himself seeking donations from South Africans.

Reports say the thespian had not been financially stable for quite a long time and recently summoned the courage to reveal his banking details and appealed for donations and support.

In the video that has been circulating across social platforms, he said, “Ndingu Vusumzi A Thanda. Ndibhankisha kunye ne Capitec bank. I account number yam ngu 1364691572.Ndifuna ukubulela kubo bone abathe bavakalelwa.”

He also gave a nod of appreciation to those who have already assisted him in his financial plea and also suggested that they also reach out to help others.

Fans, friends, and those who followed his craft have been taking part in helping out the popular actor.

Popular actress, Pearl Thusi was one of the celebrities who shared and encouraged people to assist.

“This is heartbreaking and inspired humility to ask for assistance. Let's all help guys,” she tweeted.

This happened a few weeks after Dr Malinga had also revealed that he lost everything after he had not paid his dues to SARS.

The popular music artist was a guest at the popular and controversial Podcast and Chill with MacG where he got candid about his life.

Dr Malinga broke down in tears explaining the repossession of his belongings on the podcast, revealing that he was fine when the popular gossip blogger, Musa Khawula broke the news on the internet because he thought he could pay what is due to SARS sooner.

This episode was the subject of the talks online with many people showing care and support.

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This resulted in fans and popular artists, such as Makhadzi, publicly reaching out to Dr Malinga who seemingly needed all the support.

“I would like Dr Malinga to come to perform at my one-woman show. I sent a DM (private message) -- for sure he did not see it. I really want to support him from the bottom of my heart. Anyone with management contact me please -- DM me,” wrote Makhadzi.

In just a few days of financial help from his fans, he revealed that he managed to settle SARS.

“Just paid 100k to SARS. Thank you so much fam. Thanks, bye,” shared Dr Malinga.

The South African entertainment industry has been mired in financial woes since COVID-19 struck many people, forcing some of them to come out and plead for help. - IOL

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