Jan. 3, 2022


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FIFA confirms Lesotho international referees for 2022

FIFA confirms Lesotho international referees for 2022

Top Lesotho Assistant Referee, Souru Phatšoane

Story highlights

  • List includes name of top local referees and assistant referees
  • The referees committee drew a list of referees and submitted it to FIFA

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THE Federation of International Football Association (FIFA), the world soccer governing body, has released a list of Lesotho Football Association (LeFA) referees who are certified to officiate in international matches for 2022.

LeFA Media Officer, Mikia Kalati said the list approved by FIFA included the country's top assistant referee, Souru Phatšoane, who left Lesotho on Sunday to officiate at the Africa Cup of Nations that gets underway in Cameroon next week.
“The list is made up of five central referees and six assistant referees. ’Mathabo Kolokotoane is the only new face in that list making a return to the international stage after losing her spot in 2021,” he said.

The referees include Osias Koto, Lebalang Mokete, Molise Retšelisitsoe, Kolokotoane and Nteboheleng Setoko.

The assistant referees comprise Phatšoane, Lesupi Puputla, Mapoho Mapoho, Siza Dlangamandla, Puleng Mahomo and Polotso Maapara.
Mohau Sentšo, the Lesotho Referees Committee Coordinator explained that for one to qualify to be an international referee, they must first be a local referee.

“The referees committee will then monitor the referee’s performance based on reports from the matches officiated, where such a person will be promoted from officiating at the lower leagues to the premier league,” he said.
Sentšo noted that FIFA gave each member federation a quota of referees based on the competitiveness of its domestic league.

He added; “For instance, Lesotho has been allocated to provide a total of 11 match officials, five of whom are central referees and six assistant referees.”

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The committee, he said drew a list of referees and submitted it to FIFA, with additional information such as the cooper test performance and the last time a medical doctor checked such an individual before being approved as an international referee.
He said Kolokotoane was dropped from the list last year after failing the cooper test, adding that she had since been readmitted after an improved performance.

“But unfortunately she replaced former international referee, Fumane Mokhethi who was 12th on the list recommended to FIFA,” he also said. LeFA

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