Oct. 8, 2021


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LeFA probes allegations of sexual abuse in female squads

LeFA probes allegations of sexual abuse in female squads

LeFA Media Officer, Mikia Kalati

Story highlights

  • Victims or parents invited to come forward with information
  • Teams dismiss allegations as untrue

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LESOTHO Football Association (LeFA), the local soccer governing body is investigating allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation of some members of the National U-17 and U20 women’s squads while on camp recently.

LeFA Media Officer, Mikia Kalati has confirmed that the association recently called an urgent meeting with the said teams’ management for preliminary investigations into the claims.  

He said the management of the two teams has dismissed the allegations, adding however, that LeFA is determined to get to the bottom of the matter.

''We are aware that survivors of such abuse are normally reluctant to come forward but LeFA invites anyone with concrete evidence to come forth and assist the association in the ongoing investigations,'' he explained.
LeFA, he said will never tolerate any form of ill-discipline or abuse in the national teams, adding that the safety and protection of players will always remain the number one priority.

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“The association does not rule out the allegations being a political agenda used to bring confusion as it has been the case leading and after the recent LeFA Congress,” he said.
He added: “LeFA doors are still open for anyone be it parents or victims themselves to either come straight to the Association’s offices to give information of what really transpired or go to the nearby police to report the matter.” LeNA

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