Oct. 2, 2021


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Preparations underway for soccer to return to action

Preparations underway for soccer to return to action

Premier League matches back in action

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  • PLMC proposed premature end of Premier League
  • Plan is to start new season now and end it in May next year

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LEFA, the local soccer governing body has informed the football fraternity that following a series of meetings with other stakeholders, the association has directed all the league bodies to start preparations that will eventually lead to the smooth resumption and subsequently the continuation of the 2020/2021 season.

The other stakeholders include the Premier League Management Committee (PLMC) and Chairpersons of the A, B as well as the C Division Management Committees.

LeFA Media Officer, Mikia Kalati said the PLMC has further been directed to re-schedule LDF and LMPS FC matches after they were not played on account of the two teams having three or more players in the senior national team, Likuena.

PLMC also rescinded its decision to dock points and or forfeit the two clubs’ matches.
''The leagues are also requested to furnish the office of the Secretary General with their proposed schedule of events and activities that will lead to the full resumption of your respective leagues. The schedules should reach the office of the Secretary General no later than 12noon on Wednesday, October 6,'' he said.
For his part, PLMC Communications and Marketing Manager (CMM), Qamako Mahao said the majority of Premier League teams had proposed a premature ending of the Premier League.
He said if the proposal was granted, it would mean the sponsor would only give the teams prize money based on the number of games played thus far, adding that it would also mean that the new soccer season would resume now and end in May next year.


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However, this shows that other stakeholders did not buy the proposal, hence plans for the resumption of the league.
In the previous soccer season, the 2019/20 soccer season was forced to prematurely end due to the threat posed by the rampant COVID-19 pandemic which ravaged the world, forcing businesses to come to a standstill as governments imposed hard lockdowns in a bid to combat the spread of the virus.
Similar situation occurred this season in January when the third wave of the COVID-19 forced the Government to impose restrictions that included suspending sporting activities.
However, Prime Minister Dr Moeketsi Majoro has since eased some of the restrictions, allowing contact sports to resume but with no spectators, after it appeared the virus is under control. LeNA


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