May 10, 2024


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Tlaitlai clinches victory in thrilling monthly Mug Golf tourney

Tlaitlai clinches victory in thrilling monthly Mug Golf tourney

May Monthly Mug Golf Tournament champion, Tlaitlai Tlaitlai

Story highlights

    The victory marked Tlaitlai's first monthly mug win of the year
    Daniel Lekoetje claimed the second spot with a net score of 69

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TEBOHO Tlaitlai emerged as the champion of the May Monthly Mug Golf Tournament after a gripping one-hole playoff, edging out Daniel Lekoetje by a single stroke at Maseru Golf Course last Sunday.

The victory came following a deadlock with Lekoetje, as both competitors concluded regulation play with a net score of 69. This forced the duo into a playoff, where Tlaitlai clinched the win.

Lekoetje claimed the second spot with a net score of 69, followed by Charles Makunja in third place with 70, and Rodrick Machekano in fourth, carding a 71.

"The competition was excellent, attendance was outstanding, and the weather was equally fantastic. So, the ambiance was very pleasant," Tlaitlai said during the post-match interview with Public Eye.

"My performance was solid, and my four-ball team was outstanding," he added.

Tlaitlai continued: "Then, I tied with Lekoetje, my home village friend, leading us to a playoff where I won by one point—I scored a five, and he a six."

This victory marked Tlaitlai's first monthly mug win of the year, following a winless streak throughout 2023.

His last triumph at the Monthly Mug Golf Tournament was in July 2022.

"I last won a monthly mug a year before last, in July, which I remember distinctly as it was on my birthday," he recalled.

"Although I have clinched victories in previous years, this one brings me particular joy," Tlaitlai remarked.

"During my practice sessions, I always told myself that what I truly desired was to win a mug," he reflected.

This marked Tlaitlai's second consecutive victory in just four days, following his win at the Gordon Charity Golf Day held at the same course the previous Wednesday.

"Securing a golf mug is prestigious for any club, and to me, both the May Monthly Mug triumph and the victory at the Gordon Charity Golf Day are significant," Tlaitlai said.

Acknowledging the rarity of back-to-back wins in golf, Tlaitlai considered himself fortunate.

"It is uncommon for a golfer who performed well in one competition to maintain that level in the next. But somehow, luck was on my side."

Thabang Khabo, the captain of Maseru Golf Club, commended the impressive scores of the May Monthly Mug.

"Overall, the scores for the May Monthly Mug were remarkable," Khabo noted.

"The best score up to 11th place was 74 strokes. Despite the cold weather, we also had an excellent turnout."

Khabo explained that 43 golfers vied for the May Monthly Mug title, with six of them being female players.

"We had a total of 43 participants, including six female golfers. It is encouraging to see our female contingent steadily growing," he said.

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Khabo noted that the highest attendance at the Monthly Mug Competition occurred in April.

"The peak in attendance in April was likely because we hosted two events that month: the regular Monthly Mug and the Mug of Mugs competition," explained Khabo. "The latter brought together all the monthly mug winners from the 2022–23 financial year to compete for the title of overall winner. We had about 48 players participate in that event, making the April competition the most attended."

Khabo also showed that the March Monthly Mug Competition saw strong attendance.

"March was well-attended too. Usually, we have around 36 participants, so having 44 or more is considered a very good turnout," he said.

Matjato Moteane, the Minister of Public Works and Transport, competed in the May Monthly Mug, finishing in 30th place with a score of 85 net strokes.

Meanwhile, the club’s captain, Khabo, secured 16th place with 78 net strokes.

Vivian Mo won both the April Monthly Mug and the Mug of Mugs. In the subsequent May Mug Tournament, Mo appeared 11th with 74 net strokes.

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