Feb. 6, 2023


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Lesotho ranked most dangerous country in Africa

Lesotho ranked most dangerous country in Africa

The Commissioner of the Lesotho Mounted Police Service, Holomo Molibeli

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    The rankings make Lesotho the 3rd most dangerous country in the world
    The safest country in the world is Singapore, with just 0.44 homicides per 100 000 people

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A recent ranking of the safest countries in the world in 2023 lists Lesotho as the most dangerous in Africa – measured by a country’s murder statistics

Research platform, Wisevoter compared 192 countries based on a country’s deaths by stabbing, gunshot, and the overall homicide rate per 100 000 people using the latest data from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation and The Lancet’s Global Burden of Disease.

Regarding safety and security, certain countries stand out from the rest. The most secure countries in the world are generally those with strong economies, robust infrastructures, and low crime rates.

Low crime rates in a country often correspond with strict gun control laws, effective law enforcement, and a high standard of public healthcare – much like Japan, said Wisevoter.

According to the platform’s ranking, Lesotho sits in 190th place out of 192 countries – just three places ahead of its only neighbour, South Africa.

The rankings make Lesotho the 3rd most dangerous country in the world.

This ranks Lesotho more dangerous than Iraq (161), Somalia (164), Russia (169), and Mexico (180), to name a few.

El Salvador ranked as the most dangerous country in last place (192nd) – posting a homicide rate of 48.71 and deaths by gunshot at 35.5 per 100,000 people annually.

Venezuela ranks in second last place (191) with a homicide rate of 38.99 per 100,000, with death by gunshot accounting for 32.75.

The data covered by the report is based on statistical and published data between 2019 and 2021.

Switzerland is another top contender for the title of the safest nation in the world due to its consistent commitment to neutrality and peacekeeping efforts. At the same time, Norway is known for its sophisticated emergency medical services and a general culture of respect for human rights, said Wisevoter.

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According to the ranking, the safest country in the world is Singapore, with just 0.44 homicides per 100,000 people. Monaco follows this closely, with a homicide rate of 0.46, making it the second safest country in the world.

San Marino comes in third place with 0.5 homicides per 100 000 people, and the United Kingdom follows close behind as the fourth safest country, at 0.51 homicides per 100 000, said Wisevoter.

Egypt has a slightly higher rate of 0.52 homicides per 100 000, while Japan has a rate of 0.56, making them the fifth and sixth safest countries in the world, respectively.

The last of the top 10 comprises Andorra in seventh, Norway, Switzerland, and finally, Ireland in tenth.

Unlike the top-ranked countries, high unemployment, inequality, corruption, and a lack of policing foster several types of crime in a country – including homicides. - BusinessTech

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