April 20, 2020


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Deceased patient tested negative to COVID-19

Deceased patient tested negative to COVID-19

Minister of Health Nkaku Kabi

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MASERU – A patient who was suspected to be Lesotho’s first case of the COVID-19 was cleared after her blood samples which had been sent to South Africa returned negative.

According to the Ministry of Health, the patient who was already dead when her blood samples were ferried to SA for screening had been admitted in a local hospital from April 14 – 16 with breathing complications.

A press statement released by the ministry on Monday shows that the deceased patient who is a Lesotho national had previously travelled to South Africa.

About 20 suspects of COVID – 19 from Lesotho have already tested negative from the pandemic after each was hospitalized with various breathing problems over the past months.

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Today, Lesotho and Comoros remain the only Southern African countries which are COVID-19 free.
Lesotho’s only neighbor, South Africa tops the list on the African continent with the highest COVID-19 infection after recording 3 158 confirmed cases on Monday.

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