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Bank denies Covid-19 case in its staffers

Standard Lesotho Bank City Branch

July 10, 2020 3 min read

3 min read

MASERU – Standard Lesotho Bank has denied allegations of a confirmed case of Covid-19 amongst its staff members. The bank made the response following wide spread allegations on social media platforms earlier this week that one of its employees had contracted the deadly virus.

“Contrary to social media information doing rounds of Facebook and WhatsApp, Standard Lesotho Bank has not at this stage had any confirmed case of Covid-19 amongst its staff,” the bank said in a statement.

The unfounded allegations come shortly after the blue bank closed one of its main branches, the Tower Bank situated right at the heart Maseru CBD. 

The branch was, however, according to the bank closed at the beginning of the nationwide lockdown in April as a move to align with Covid-19 rules.“These allegations are unfounded. The branch was closed way back at the start of the lockdown as the bank needed to ensure that branches, where possible, minimise the numbers of people working so that we observe social distancing,” the bank further added.

The bank Marketing and Communications Manager Manyathela Kheleli said the closure of the branch did not cause any inconvenience at this stage. “The closure of the branch did not cause any inconvenience at all, not at this stage,” Kheleli told Metro news.  

During this period, the bank went on to encourage customers and clients to make use of electronic channels for their banking purposes, in support of the social distancing rules. 

“We also strongly encourage our customers to make use of our electronic channels for their banking in support of social distancing. We further encourage them to sanitise, wear masks at all times and wash hands regularly to help our country flatten the curve.

“At Standard Lesotho Bank we believe in open and transparent communication to all our stakeholders. As such we strongly encourage all our clients to rely on information provided through our official channels,” he said. 

Meanwhile, Lesotho Post Bank on the other hand has confirmed its first positive case of Covid-19 amongst one of its employees.The employee is stationed at the Bank’s Head Office at Mafike House in Maseru.“The bank wishes to highlight that the employee performs back office functions and does not in any way directly interact with or assist customers.

“The employee has been admitted at one of the accredited Covid-19 quarantine health facilities for treatment and has shown signs of recovery,” Lesotho Post Bank said in a statement.

To protect its staff, customers and all members of the public, the bank has invoked its Covid-19 Response Plan in consultation with the Ministry of Health by isolating all staff members who met the affected employee as per the standards put in place by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Such employees, the bank said, are in self-isolation and closely monitored by the occupational health and safety officer to ensure their safety at all times. 

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“Movement is restricted for customers and any other stakeholders to enter the bank’s head office and other means are used to hold formal meetings and discussions,” Lesotho Post Bank further added. 

Coronavirus pandemic cases are continuing to surge in Lesotho causing panic within the society. One Covid-19 related death has already been recorded in Lesotho and latest statistics from the Ministry of Health suggests that a total of 91 people have contracted the disease.  Eleven people have recovered from the disease at the moment.

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