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LMWA embraces Diaspora policy

Basotho working in South African gold mine

June 8, 2021 2 min read

2 min read

LESOTHO Migrant Workers Association (LMWA) has embraced the recently launched Lesotho's first Diaspora policy, saying it will open more doors for Basotho.

The policy is aimed at enhancing contribution of the Basotho diaspora in the socio-economic development of the Kingdom of Lesotho as well as to strengthen the government's institutional capacity to fully coordinate diaspora affairs and mobilise the Basotho diaspora.
The LMWA National Coordinator Lerato Nkhetše said they are happy that the policy has been launched, adding that it will open more doors for all Basotho as most of them working in South Africa were afraid to disclose their identities.
He said the policy through the Directorate will help in coordinating all Basotho in South Africa and other countries as well as to have a database of all Basotho in diaspora.
Mr Nkhetše said this would help the country to be able to search Basotho with skills through this hub.

“With the Diaspora policy, export of labour will be implemented and the Directorate will facilitate in ensuring that Basotho are placed wherever there are job openings without fear of disclosing their identities,” he said.
He said it has been difficult for Basotho to send money home from wherever they are, thus forfeiting their social benefit except for miners.

He said for years, Basotho always return home from work in other countries empty-handed, adding that the Diaspora policy will enable them to save money and send some back to their families.
“This will also contribute towards the remittance collection as the country will earn more from Basotho working in foreign lands,” he said.

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Mr Nkhetše was however, quick to show that the policy focuses solely on professionals and not on low-skilled workers or domestic workers.

The policy framework derives its inspiration from the objectives of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM) as adopted by the United Nations (UN) Heads of government and States in December 2017 in Morocco.
There are Basotho Diaspora in 41 countries within five of the seven continents. LeNA

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